Have a financing option for EVERY patient that walks through your door.

We are your primary lender's best friend.

Many providers get confused by thinking that HFD is a direct competitor to their primary lender when it is actually the opposite. We finance every patient that your primary lender either says no to or gives a partial approval. In this way, providers have a financing option for EVERY patient that walks in their door. Our goal as a company is to empower providers to serve every patient - no more patient turn downs! That’s why many of the nations leading Lasik providers turn to us for their custom patient finance programs.

So why are providers choosing HFD?

  • Their volume of patient's treated dramatically increases.
  • Revenue significantly increases due to volume.
  • We are better at collecting money than they are, backed up by enterpise level cure rates. No money left on the table.
  • We give their patients a great experience through email and text notifications, a patient portal that allows them to stay in the loop, and friendly customer service.
  • We empower them to stay focused on serving their patients, not financing them.
  • Our cost-effective pricing model ensures that we only get paid when they do.

Although we have had an Internal Financing program for the past 10 years, we have never seen the results that we are seeing with Healthcare Finance Direct.

Renee Hamilton, Director of Retail Accounting
Lasik Vision Institute

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