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Practice Types:

Addiction Treatment

At some point in life many people need to receive help with overcoming addiction. Paying for the best services is sometimes a barrier to getting that help. Learn more 

Surgical Centers

Working with the nations leader in minimally invasive spine surgeries we are helping patients get their lives back, free from pain every day. Learn more 

Lasik & Vision

Your vision impacts everything you do, whether it's sightseeing, reading a book, or starting a new adventure. Unfortunately your insurance company likely does not cover the cost of Lasik surgery. Learn more 


Back pain can be debilitating and is difficult to treat for many people. The regular appointments can get expensive and patients often miss receiving treatment as a result. Learn more 

Hair Restoration

We began working with Bosley, the worlds foremost hair restoration experts right after launching our company. Thousands of patients later we are confident that Bosley patients are happy and their quality of life has improved after their procedures Learn more 


If you want the best hearing aids possible or just believe in having the best equipment and services, we can help make that happen. Financing your hearing devices has never been easier, regardless of your credit history. Learn more 


Being able to provide orthodontic treatment for you or your child can be expensive and as parents ourselves we understand. That is why we created our ortho program to allow for a low monthly payment over time. Learn more 

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