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General Questions

What if I don't see my practice type?

Healthcare Finance Direct takes great strides to meet the needs of every practice type. Get in contact with a sale representative for our proven solution. Contact a sales rep.

I already have a patient finance company, so why HFD?

We encourage you to continue using the plan you have, in fact we work with the nations leading patient finance companies everyday. We want you to get paid up-front for those patients who qualify however statistically only 50% of your patients will qualify and that’s where we come in. Learn how to finance nearly everyone by using our innovative patient finance programs. Some of the largest medical practices in the country already use our programs and we think you should too.

Is HFD easy for my practice to use?

Yes. We provide your office staff with a personalized orientation; all the tools they need to present HFD to your patients, plus the materials you and your staff need to quickly and efficiently process applications. We also take care of the billing and collecting, so your staff can focus on your patients and on other valuable tasks.

Is HFD widely used?

Do you ever wonder how some of the nations largest medical practices became the nations largest medical practices? They know that access to patient financing is a critical element to serving more patients. HFD provides that access to over 94% of patients that apply to receive your services. That’s why we have financed procedures for patients in over 8,000 US cities. We have patients in every state and US territory. Having over 5.5 million payments through our system makes us a trusted solution for the nations leading medical providers.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Simply fill out our sales form and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Does HFD provide support?

Yes. When you enroll with HFD, your office receives complete support. HFD provides your staff members with an orientation, which includes training and helpful presentation tools. Your practice also receives all the ongoing supplies you’ll need at no cost.

How does my practice get paid?

We pay our practices daily as we receive the money from your patients.

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